"To see the whole other against the sky" (Rilke)

Shot by artist Christina Gangos, LANDLOCKED features video portraits of ten individuals standing in silence. As part of Limerick City of Culture 2014 LANDLOCKED will be projected on a large city wall on Thomas Street, Limerick city from the 12 Dec 2014 to 3 Jan 2015.

landlocked Paddy
landlocked Casey
landlocked John
landlocked Patrick
landlocked Alexis
landlocked John Joe
landlocked Maria
landlocked Tommy
landlocked Gerry


During filming participants were asked to contemplate life-changing events for ten minutes. Their thoughts are kept private, yet the camera documents the physical process, the slight movements and gentle motions of a body in thought.

Aesthetically, LANDLOCKED offers an almost sacred space in which we are allowed to publicly commune without shame, social coding and language. The work originates in the artist’s ongoing search for communion with the other. Being together with humans whom we know little about. Here we stand opposite them, we might form opinions about the way they look, dress and behave.

As time passes our gaze changes, shifts and settles and we forget about the subject’s mere appearance. Gradually it might be revealed, what makes us human, what unites and separates us. As the individuals in the work start to access buried memories and experiences, they forget the camera, and we are drawn in deeper into what makes us all human.

5:30PM TO 7AM.


A large-scale out-door projection of the video portraits will take place on Thomas Street from the 12th December to the 3rd January. The projections will be visible on the wall above the Thomas Street Community Gardens during the hours of darkness. The optimum time to catch this work is from 5:30pm to 7am.

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Christina Jane Gangos


Christina Jane Gangos is an independent documentary filmmaker, who lived in Limerick city for 6 years and is currently based in Athens/Greece. She studied journalism and history at the American College of Greece and then went on to do a Masters in Documentary by Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Her films have shown at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Center Pompidou in Paris, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Gate Theater London, IFI Dublin and various major festivals. Her films aim to capture everyday moments and processes, inundated with the ability to disclose reality to the patient viewer. Stripping layer by layer of social representation and décor by elongating time to its normal length, her works in film are documents of bare living. Parallel to this she is pursuing a Master of Science in Psychotherapy.


All videos have been captured on a high resolution RED camera in order to effectively re-create the original scene, creating the upmost impact when projected.


Originally created with support and funding from the Arts Council, the exhibition and installation of LANDLOCKED in this prominent outdoor city location is made possible by the support of Limerick City of Culture 2014.


Artist: Christina Gangos
Videographer and Editor: Keith Walsh
Grading: EMC
Project Manager: Roisin Buckley
Technical Manager: Michael Mc Loughlin
Design: Piquant Media
Electrician: Richard Power
Production: Harry O'Grady
Photo of Christina: Robin Parmar

Thanks to Sheila Deegan, Maria Larkin, Tony Clarke from City Centre Car Park, Urban Green Private and all the participants..

Funded by Limerick City of Culture 2014 and The Arts Council